How To Get God's Direction For Your Life

Published: 20th August 2010
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Navigating this journey of life without a clear divine direction could be likened to a pilot flying a plane without clear signals from the control tower. He is a disaster waiting to happen. A life without direction can be frustrating and confusing. Here are few tips on how to key into God's direction for your life.

Divine direction means being led by the Spirit of God in the most usual and sometimes unusual way to accomplish the right things in life. The journey of life is full of distortions and it will take total dependence on the person and the power of the Holy Spirit to go in the right way to accomplish God's purpose for your life. The truth is that God knows the beginning and the end of all things and therefore it is a mark of wisdom to allow Him to be on the driver's seat of your life. When God is in charge, nothing can ever be out of control. Is that not amazing? We have a God that can be all you want Him to be in your life. Here are some few tips to put to heart if you desire to stay in the center of God's plan for your life.

1-: Don't worry too much about speed when you want to walk with God. A wise man once said that "Speed has no relevance once you are on the wrong route; the only wise thing to do is to make a U- turn and head towards the right direction". How true! It is better to be slow and be in God's plan than to be fast and move ahead of His plan.

2-: Don't rely much on your power. Irrespective of the way in which God has worked with you in the past and your depth of the knowledge of God, you should avoid the temptation to rely on your personal power-tendency to get things done relying on your intellectual capacity. God works in a totally different way. You should rely absolutely on Him.

3-:Always consult God in everything you want to do. The Bible says you should: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths2)-Proverb 3: 5-6. When consult God for every decision you want to take, you can never go wrong.

The point is this: All day long we take decisions. You take decisions on the clothe to wear;the shoes to put on; the route to take to the office; the time to leave the house;the things to do when you get to the office;when to close; the persons to see and the ones not to see. We should get God involved in all those decisions that look very minute. God wants to be involved in all aspects of your life. Allow Him.

Here are some few things to note:

God faithfully blesses everyone in covenant with Him. He is a covenant keeping God ( Genesis 24:1)

God wants us to clarify and reason along with Him for every instruction He gives to us ( Genesis 24: 5)

God does not want you to quit no matter how rough your may have been( Gen24:6-9)

Always pray for God's direction in all things. Don't assume ( Gen 24: 12-15)

How To Get God's Direction For Your Life

Prayers for the week

To activate God's direction for your life, pray the following prayers and meditate on the scriptures that accompany them:

1-:Lord, by your word, I acknowledge you in all my ways. I acknowledge you in my salvation. I acknowledge you in my business and in my career. I acknowledge you in the marriage, the children, the friends you have given to me. (Proverb 3: 5-6)

2-: Lord, by your Spirit, increase my thirst and hunger for more of you, more of your ways and more of your will in my life in Jesus mighty name ( Phillipians 2:13)

3-:Father, according to your word, teach me to profit and lead me in the way I should go in Jesus mighty name ( Isaiah 48:7)

4-: Lord, grant me the grace not to compromise my faith in you in Jesus name (Psalm 23:2)

5-: Lord, let every snare of distraction and distortion that the enemy has put in my ways be exposed and destroyed in Jesus mighty name(Psalms 119:110; 124: 7)

6-: Lord, let me never be put to confusion and continually order my steps by your word in Jesus name (Psalm 71: 1)

7-:Father, in my present and future decisions , lead and guide me always by your Spirit in Jesus name( Genesis 24:48)

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